VoIP for Business – Give Wings To Your Business

The Voice over IP technology plays an important role in the proper functioning of a business houses. With its advanced & “unified” process of communication, the Internet telephony solutions can take on most challenges for the clients; as a matter of fact, increasingly, these solutions are giving a tough competition to traditional communication channels. As a matter of fact, the IP technology is coming up as an effective alternative to analog telephone connections. Instead of setting-up a dedicated circuit switching network between the potential users, VoIP digitalizes conversations and transmits the same over the Internet using standard TCP/IP networking packets.In comparison to the traditional PSTN services, the business houses of varied sizes are opting for the Internet telephony services. As a matter of fact, some business houses have either begun to integrate IP services in their day-to-day communication or are planning to go for this all important switch. The assimilation of VoIP for business is beneficial for the clients in more ways than one.For one, there is a definite increase in the profit margins of the companies and a concomitant reduction in monthly telephone bills to a large extent. Moreover, businessmen and the users can enjoy calling to distant locations without spending much from their pockets. The VoIP business solutions also enhance customer satisfaction with other facets such as call productivity – wherein data or video are sent over the same IP network.The VoIP has become an accepted means of communication for many businesses and corporate houses. There are two types of VoIP business services that are based on this very sophisticated technology namely – call termination service and IP Centrex service. Both these services are based on packet switching technique that provides business-class phone capabilities to its users. The call termination services are suitable for the business houses that have their own voice infrastructure and simply wish to terminate the calls over the IP network. On other hand, the IP Centrex is a remedy for those business entities that cannot afford to invest in IP PBX, as it lets the business users to save on operational and capital expenditure.With these services, the carrier handles the call control, service logic as well as responsibility for network equipment, customer provisioning, operations and administrations. Therefore, depending upon the need and requirement in terms of size and operations of the business, these services can vary from one business to other. As a matter of fact, the best such business service is one that delivers in terms of cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability and security to the business users.1. Cost Efficiency: This type of services help the business users to cut down on monthly telephone bills by up to almost the half cost when compared to the PSTN services. In some business houses, monthly bills have been brought down by 40 to 60 per cent. This factor of cost efficiency is purely dependent upon the selection of a service provider as well as equipment that the users use.2. Availability of built-in features: The Voice over IP services helps the business houses to avail built-in features such as voice mail, call waiting, call routing, caller ID and call conferencing as well. These features are additional when compared to traditional phone services.3. Flexibility: The Voice over IP services are flexible, in the sense that the users are able to add and extend the telephone lines to their existing IP systems. Therefore, it can be said that with IP services can be used in a more flexible way and the way the VoIP business opportunities can be realized are varied.4. Security: The business houses enjoy reliable communication over the packet switch technique as the desired communication process is base on the compression of IP packets. Moreover, it allows the business users to enjoy seamless connectivity.To enjoy the “best” VoIP services, the business houses must use the high speed broadband connections that can guarantee communication with better voice quality.

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Digital Photo Tips – The Art of Photographing Women

A quick glance around any museum will reveal an amazing number of images of the female figure. Women have been used in art throughout history. Today, women are the chief focus of photography used by the fashion industry and “glam” magazines, and they appear in newsstands by the thousands each week, where they are seen as brides, movie stars, homemakers and athletes.So, how do photographers insure they are capturing women at their best? While a whole host of studio “tricks” and software “improvements” are used commercially, through some simple techniques and efforts the photography of women can be achieved with great results.For example, those “glam” girl images that are becoming popular again can be achieved in a variety of ways. Black and white images of the popular World War II era “pin up” girls are achieved in well-lit studio settings. It is important to remember that bright light can wash away dark circles under the eyes, the appearance of cellulite and even brighten a smile. While this may be the most simplified lighting scheme, some photographers examine studio photographs from the golden age of Hollywood and copy the dramatic lighting that was employed to great affect. For example, a wash of light across the eyes of a black and white subject can deliver a great deal of glamour. Additionally, many photographers will apply filters to soften the appearance of the face or flesh of the subject.Another form of glamour photography is the later “pin up” trend in color photography. The classic images were inspired by popular art, and features buxom ladies in “rockabilly” dress. These images also call for special lighting, and many photographers apply the effects desired in their software program and not the studio. It is important to remember that such photos are never intended to be crude, but instead should be alluring and always feminine.Another highly feminine manner of photographing women is as brides. For many brides, their wedding day is a highly emotional event, and it may be challenging for a photographer to capture her at her best. One method commonly used by professionals is to review a list of required shots the bride would like taken, this way she will be able to compose herself during these moments. Additionally, the photographer should examine the sight where the wedding service and reception are to be held to get a good understanding of the lighting required for the best photographs.Photographing women in creative ways is a wonderful way to experiment in photography, or even earn a living. The images can be romantic or artistic, and should always seek to capture the subject in a flattering manner.

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Digital Images Created in Photoshop

The advent of Adobe Photoshop unleashed the ability to create and manipulate images in an almost infinite number of different ways. In this manner, Photoshop can be said to have changed the world’s perspective on reality. So much so, that people may no longer automatically “believe what they see”, since it’s now possible to alter images in ways that are almost impossible to detect.If you are not familiar with Photoshop, it is a program designed to allow people to create and edit all types of images on their computers. Its original, and still for many its principal function, is to enable you to perform touch-ups on pictures before printing or posting online. Naturally, each subsequent version of Photoshop included more sophisticated tools which allow you to correct minor errors or produce advanced effects from the original photograph. The Photoshop of today also allows the creation of sound files and animation for sharing online.In the past, images had to be saved in very particular file formats in order to be manipulated in Photoshop. However, because of the explosion of digital cameras and camera phones today, Photoshop can actually import the photographs directly from the source. This means that the time between taking the picture and sharing it is reduced.Previously, when individuals took ‘bad’ pictures there was nothing they could do to correct the errors. This meant that that if the image was blurred due to camera shake, or if there was red-eye caused by the flash, you had to either live with these imperfections or delete the image all together. Now of course, there are countless numbers of basic photographic software programs that can quickly and automatically correct these kinds of imperfections. This means that most digital pictures taken nowadays can be ‘rescued’ even if there are multiple technical issues with the original shot.Of course, Photoshop has now evolved well beyond these kinds of image ‘quick fixes’. As an ‘Image Manipulation’ tool, you can take any image and implement all kinds of create and artistic ‘non destructive’ effects. This allows you to try out all sorts of variations of effects and if you are not pleased with the result, simply revert ‘back in time’ using Photoshop’s ‘History’ tool. Using this tool, you can gradually ‘step back’ through each effect you added until you arrive at the point you’d like to re-try the sequence using a different effect. This allows you to experiment using a vast number of different tools until you achieve the result that you were looking for.One of the most powerful features of the software is the ability to work in multiple ‘layers’. This allows you to manipulate different elements of the picture in creative ways and move semi-transparent ‘layers’ over each other to achieve the desired effect. The final resulting single image may in fact be composed of several dozen, perhaps even hundreds of layers – many with special effect filters.You can tell that an immense impact is being caused by Photoshop by the fact that the company name is now used as a verb. It’s common nowadays to hear of someone ‘photoshopping’ an image (even although they may actually be using another image software program all together.) This is always a sure sign that a product is having a significant impact on the culture of the day.Photoshop has also led to a whole new level of art and digital creativity. For example, graphic tablets were developed specifically for users of Photoshop. Artists of today have gone beyond using paints and a canvas. Today’s artists make use of tablet sensors and Photoshop to produce their masterpieces. The technology of this digital software, allows people to take the art of drawing, add computer techniques, and come up with a whole new genre of art. The availability and popularity of photo manipulation software has spawned a vast and creative library of highly modified pictures, many bearing little resemblance to the original image. Using electronic versions of brushes, image layers and filters, it’s possible to produce images unattainable through conventional artistic media. In addition, digital artists can create digital paintings, photomontage, collage or lithographs.Adobe Photoshop might just be a simple software tool for some people. However, powerful tools, when used by enough people can change history. In this age where most media is defined by computers, Photoshop is another tool which, in the right hands, can change the world, or at the very least, change people’s perception of that world.

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